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4D v13 beta announced

by 4D Team

Attendees at 4D Summit 2011 in Boston were given a first look at 4D v13, the upcoming version of 4D's flagship product line. It was further announced that the latest version of the leading business application development platform is now available for beta testing.


Boasting over 200 new features, 4D v13 has been designed to make your development better: Both in terms of the features and functionalities you can bring to your 4D applications, and to the daily task of writing and maintaining code.

New features range from interface enhancements to major augmentation of Web-oriented technologies to introspection capabilities to database performance enhancements.

Those present in Boston were given a copy and beta license for 4D v13.

4D v13 Beta is also immediately available to all Gold and Silver members of the 4D Partner program, who receive beta licenses that are valid for the duration of their membership. To learn more about the program and its benefits, please visit the 4D Partner program page.

If you're using an older version of 4D and are considering upgrading, there's no reason to hold out until the official official release of 4D v13! With 4D Maintenance you are entitled to licenses for every version of 4D in release for all of your covered products. So you can make the move from 4D v11 SQL to 4D v12 today, and enjoy the benefits of 4D v13 when it's released. Learn more about the 4D Maintenance program.

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