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Mind Your Language

by Doc Team

The link to the new documentation, which can be activated from 4D's Method Editor or Explorer, and defined by language preferences (see F1 Help) now accepts a language code as a parameter.


In certain cases, the default URL ( can wind up showing a help page in the wrong language. The language choice is made, on 4D's side, only as a function of the language being used for the commands (English or French). It's up to the browser to display one of the other available versions, based upon its own language settings.


This feature can be convenient for international development teams, but to allow for better control of the system, we've just added the ability to force a redirection to the language of choice by adding one of the five available suffixes (EN, FR, DE, JA, ES and soon PT).


For example, for documentation in Spanish, you can indicate the following URL in the Preferences:

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