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Playing a Full House

by 4D Team

With attendance the highest it's been in years, there was a packed house for the first keynote presentation at 4D Summit 2011. Two hundred developers packed into the rooftop ballroom of Boston's Omni Parker House Hotel to learn about 4D's recent achievements, as well as get a look at what to expect in the near future.


4D Summit 2011 Keynote


Kicked off by master of ceremonies Melinda Gallo, 4D Summit 2011 began with a review of 4D's recent achievements, current financial health and growth, and put an eye on the future of the development platform.


CEO Luc Hollande quickly announced the availability of 4D v13 Beta, and went on to highlight the company's secure position in the industry, as well as welcome two new executives to the 4D team. Tom Miller spoke about his goals as General Manager for North America, and Michel Gerin highlighted his commitments as Chief Marketing Officer.


In a presentation replete with clever demos and gags, 4D's Thibaud Arguillere and Josh Fletcher took to the stage to show off new features of the upcoming 4D v13. Highlights included:

  • "Super" Web Area, taking advantage of integrated WebKit to render not just web content but any interface elements designed using web technologies
  • Source Tookit, allowing developers to more efficiently work with and track their own source code
  • Hugely expanded List Box capabilities
  • New database engine features
  • A "Language Fiesta" of over 75 new commands in the 4D language


The presentation was very well received, with attendees moving on to a buffet lunch followed by afternoon breakout sessions and several "4D Kitchen" face-to-face meetings with 4D engineers, all the while looking forward to the week's upcoming keynotes covering 4D's new web server, a close look at 4D "Under the Hood," and 4D's interaction with its recently announced Wakanda open source platform.

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