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by Thibaud Arguillère

A new flavor of 4D Server has shipped with version 4D v12.1: 4D Server v12 64-bit for Windows. Able to allocate more than 4 GB of RAM (the limit for 32-bit applications), 4D Server is more scalable (that is, “able to support the required quality of service as the system load increases” - per Wiktionnary). It supports more simultaneous connections, allocates a much bigger cache, and can handle more pictures, BLOBs, etc.


Let’s take a simple example about scalability and 4D Server v12 64-bit: A 32-bit 4D Server application runs perfectly with 40 connected users and a data file of 1 to 2 gigabytes. The needs increase. It is now asked to connect 200 users and the data file grows up to 8 GB. In this situation, we move to 4D Server v12 64-bit, on a machine with 16 GB of RAM, and we increase the cache size to 8 GB. The application will then behave the same as in its previous context (32-bit/40 users/2GB of data).


We ran three benchmarks, comparing the 32- and 64-bit versions:



We also pushed the 64-bit server far away beyond the known limit of 510 concurrent users, and were able to connect more than one thousand clients!



Moving to 4D Server v12 64-bit?

Being able to allocate more memory to the cache, or allowing the 4D Server engine to use more memory outside the cache (number of users; number of processes, sorts, etc.) makes 4D Server scalable. If a 32-bit 4D Server application needs more power – whatever the reason, connecting more users, growing the cache size, etc. – then moving to the 64-bit version will make the move easy: Install more RAM and 4D Server v12 64-bit will take advantage of it immediately.


However, handling hundred of users is not always as easy as handling several dozen… It sometimes requires more knowledge and skill (regarding the network, routers, machines, etc.). Which is why we advise you to contact your local tech support representative if you are thinking about moving to such a context, so we can offer some help and advice.

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