4D V11 SQL

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A cross-platform compiler. Compiled code runs faster and is more secure.

Form Wizard

Lets you generate user-friendly dialog boxes to display your data.

Integrated Backup

Run backups of your data, as well as a tool to restore data from an archive. All the parameters can be set programmatically to fully automate the backup system.

Find and Replace

Take advantage of this powerful application-wide search and replace tool. You can automatically rename or prefix variables, project methods and forms.


Truly Global Tools
Up through 4D 2004 you had to use 4D Insider to perform an application-wide search and replace. That’s changed as of 4D v11 SQL. Our new search and replace tools are truly global in scope.

More Searching Power

We’ve significantly expanded the ways you can run your searches, including:


• Multi-criteria search: you can set up to 3 criteria (object type, object name, modification date)

SQL Pass-through

Communicate natively with external data sources.

Native ODBC Commands

Communicate with other data sources via ODBC – as if they were part of your own application – using a dedicated set of 4D commands.


A suite of integrated code debugging tools.

Errare humanum est
Sometimes the code you write won’t behave the way it is supposed to behave. A variable that doesn’t have the proper value, a loop that doesn’t end or even an incorrect selection – all of these things can hurt your development. In this type of situation, a debugger is your greatest ally.


Interpreted Components

Build code libraries or applications and make them reusable via drag and drop.

Maintenance & Security Center

A toolset for 4D database monitoring, maintenance, optimization, and backups. Can be run manually or automatically.

4D provides an integrated Maintenance and Security Center (MSC) that makes running and managing your databases much simpler and easier.


Database administrators (and, if you wish, users) now have access to a fully functional graphic toolset for 4D database maintenance, optimization, and backups.


List Editor

Helps you manage and edit all lists within your application.