4D V14

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SQL Views

This How-Do-I shows you some examples on how to use SQL Views in more and less complex ways.

SQL views


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This database presents the commands that allow you to change the spellchecker on Mac OS (native or Hunspell) and to change the correction language.

spell check


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Set Drag Icon

How do you use your own custom icon to associate with an item being dragged and dropped?

This database will teach you how this new command lets you do it.


Set drag icon


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Advanced Text Area

How do you create multi-style text areas in 4D?

Use different types of styles based on portions of text: Inster/modify URLs, 4D expressions, recalculations… Manage your own contextual menu in the area… This database will provide you with code examples that can be used in your own projects.


Advanced text area



This version of the "Listboxes" example application shows you how 4D v14 can use styles (font color as well as background color) at the cell level.


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The 4D Library example application allows you to manage students' books as well as loaning books to students. It uses listboxes in "selection" mode.



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The "Invoices" example application shows you a few of 4D's interface features.
  • The power of listboxes used in forms
  • The power of a process when completely independent dialogues are needed
  • The power of colors and links in order to make the structure clearer




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4D Movies

This 4D v14 example application highlights the numerous interface possibilities brought to you by listboxes.

You will learn how to use transparency, how to hide/display headers and footers, and to style rows and cells.


4D Movies


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4D Team Developer Professional

4D Team Developer is a development server that supports efficient real-time collaboration for your development team, and includes all of the rapid development features included in 4D Developer Professional.

4D Team Developer Professional lets developers carry out simultaneous operations on the same project. Integrity of data and access to structure, methods and forms is ensured by an internal object and record-locking system.

4D Developer Professional

4D Developer Professional includes all of 4D’s standard features, as well as a range of more powerful development tools. With it, you can easily create compiled applications and components that offer better application performance, while still ensuring complete source code confidentiality.

4D Developer Professional also has a set of connectivity plug-ins that can be used to efficiently integrate your applications into a wide range of external database systems, either natively or by ODBC.