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4D Product Lifecycle

While continuing its extensive R&D efforts for future versions, 4D keeps its latest versions available for as long as possible after initial release, providing as many resources as possible to help migrate from one version to the next.

Below is a timetable of our product lines and dates, updated regularly, to help you plan for your updates, purchases, and support inquiries.

If you have any questions or need additional details, please contact your 4D representative. You may also be interested in our Maintenance program, which allows you to free yourself of any time constraints in the lifecycle of your applications.


4D Product downloads

Get the latest version of all current 4D products. A valid license number is required for use of all 4D products beyond the initial 30-day trial.

Try 4D for free

Looking for a new sensation? Discover the performance and ease of 4D and get excited about development again.
4D allows us to quickly and easily develop in a multi-platform environment, taking advantage of advanced features, as well as a seriously powerful database.Leonardo Grilli – DigitalSoccer Project

Try 4D v16 – unlimited and fully functional – for 30 days. If you decide to purchase it, there's no need to download again. Simply enter the serial number provided with your purchase and you're ready to go!


There's no risk or obligation. Select your platform and download now!  



Mac OS X




4D is much more than just a database development platform. Your trial download of 4D includes every part of the 4D product line, such as:


• 4D - the base application that provides you with a development environment and database

• 4D Server - to test and deploy powerful client/server applications


• 4D Write - a full-featured word processing plug-in

• 4D View - a plug-in for spreadsheet functionality and data visualization

• 4D for OCI - connect to Oracle databases via OCI

• 4D ODBC Pro - use Open Database Connectivity to connect to compliant databases

• 4D Pack - additional commands for 4D developers


The only thing you won't be able to do until purchase is to build a standalone double-clickable app, but we think that's pretty fair.


Complete documentation is available online in the 4D Doc Center.

Want even more? In-depth topics are covered in the 4D Knowledgebase.


With over 40 lessons to help you get started developing with 4D, our Self-Training videos provide you with everything you need to know to create working databases that are both ergonomic and efficient!


Watch additional, informative videos on 4D's YouTube channel.


Get demos, "How-do-I" databases, and much more in the Resources section of our Web site.


Additionally, you'll find starter application templates, compatibility documents, and answers to frequently asked questions, among numerous other technical resources to further your understanding of 4D.











System Requirements

Below are system requirements for all currently available 4D products.



• Intel© Core 2 Duo

• Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 (Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 for 4D Server)

• 4 GB minimum RAM, 8 GB recommended

Extend Your 4D Solution to the Web and Beyond

What if you could have a tablet, smartphone and desktop Web browser of your 4D solution with minimal effort? YES you can, thanks to 4D Mobile, which will put your application right in your users' hands.

For years, you've had the ability to host Web pages directly from 4D. With 4D Mobile, you can now extend your 4D solution into a full-featured Web application carrying all of your data and business logic logic to tablets, smartphones or any Web browsers.


State of the Art Business Applications

4D's tools are used upon by thousands of developers creating solutions for the largest and smallest businesses, with millions of end-users relying on them daily. 4D v15 delivers, with power, stability, extensibility and improvements that make everyday use better for everyone from developer to end-user.


From productivity to mobility, the best 4D ever

Thanks to 4D's R-release program, 4D v15's myriad new features have already been tested and put into production by some of 4D's most intensive users. This means that from the gate, this is the most solid, stable new release of 4D ever. We think you'll agree.


Developing your 4D app is as easy as 1-2-3!

(And sometimes 4...) Design a full-featured interface, write powerful code, and integrate numerous technological standards to build a complete and functional application in just a few steps.

Design Environment

Visually design your application. 4D’s full-featured development environment lets you logically build your app from start to finish, from structure to user interface.


Develop intuitively


Whether you prefer SQL or 4D’s own intuitive language; develop in English or French; have an interface in German or Japanese... 4D speaks your language.



4D v16

4D v16

In one integrated environment, 4D lets you harness the power of a formidable database engine, design world class applications, and get them into your users’ hands. The 4D v16 product line offers the most well-rounded, scalable, and extensible solution for building state of the art business applications.

Smooth Migration

With all the benefits that come from adopting the latest and greatest technologies, there are perceived challenges. We're here to help ensure that your migration to 4D v15 is easy and smooth.

Benefits galore

With the features and added ease of use introduced in 4D v15, you have every reason to upgrade. It takes 4D's amazing foundation and adds even more productivity and mobility to the package. Learn what's new in 4D v15.



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