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4D v11 SQL Release 4 (Hotfix 6) is available

The sixth Hotfix release for 4D v11 SQL Release 4 is now available.


4D v11 SQL Release 4 (Hotfix 4) addresses several issues in 4D v11 SQL and 4D Server v11 SQL for Mac and Windows.


This is an intermediary release and, like all Hotfixes, is available exclusively to 4D Partners.


4D Partners may download the Hotfix as of today at the 4D Forums.

4D Unveils Wakanda

Today at the Ajax Experience, held by Ajaxian in Boston, MA, 4D unveiled its Wakanda project.


A product still in development, Wakanda is an all-new platform for creating Business Internet Applications, employing an all-new paradigm based in Business Domain Modeling.


Separate from 4D, this product will be aimed at Web application developers. More information about Wakanda can be found on 4D's Wakanda page, and on its own site at

Unconference Event needs your ideas!

Now this is going to be neat.   I've heard a few developers express interest that they want to have a panel-type discussion at the Summit.  A place where experts in the field can share tips and strategies that they've employed in their live applications.  Or engage in discussion with other like-minded developers about issues that matter to them.

The Unconference event is the place to be for these people.  All you have to do is voice your ideas of something you want to SHARE or HEAR about on our Ning site.  If you think of anything last minute, you can post your ideas to 4D's registration desk at the hotel.


A Listbox for the Web

The most common object used by most database developers is still the list view for data. In the 4D world, most developers use either Output forms, Listboxes, 4D View or popular plug-ins such as “AreaList Pro“. So when we were designing 4D Ajax Framework we decided this would be the object developers would use the most.

For that reason, a lot of our early design time was spent trying to create the foundation of a perfect data list view. One of the key features of version 1.1 of the 4D Ajax Framework is our Data Window, which we think is a fantastic composite object for displaying data in a list fashion.


Here’s some of what you can do with it: