4D V12

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PHP: It can do it!

Over several posts, I am spending some time on major new features of 4D v12 (released last June). Today, I’ll focus on a new major major-new-feature: The PHP Execute command, which allows the execution of PHP code.


Well, having written “PHP Execute allows the execution of PHP code,” I realize that the name clearly stands for the function. 4D should give enigmatic names to the commands, so I can avoid stating the obvious. For example, “The Execute a script of the kind Hyper Text Preprocessor allows executing PHP code”. Now, we feel like we’re really learning something.


Find what you're looking for

A powerful, application-wide search and replace tool lets you find any item in the development environment. Your search can be as broad (any object, text, “contains” a string, etc.) or as restrictive (search for a specific constant using the full name) as you want, with results easy to view, organize and manipulate.


4D v12's find dialog is remarkably intuitive and easy to use. Use its menus to create a natural search sentence, like "Find variables whose name contains airport."

Additional search options

4D v12 provides additional options to help you fine-tune your searches.