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4D Hierarchical Lists

This database demonstrates how to use a hierarchical list in 4D.

New for 4D v13: A new event is now generated when an item deletion is requested. The "effective" deletion is done by programming.


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Progress Bar

How do I use progress bars?

This demonstration shows you how to use the progress bar component that is included as of 4D v13.


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Windows Enhancement

4D v13 provides a new parameter for SET WINDOW RECT.

This allows you to move a specified window to the passed coordinates and set it as a foreground window. The command now accepts a * parameter to keep the window in the background.



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Enhanced list boxes

The list box is a key component to any business application. When data is the most vital part of a solution, viewing and organizing it in a meaningful and efficient way is critical to its ease-of-use.

List boxes allow you to present data however

List Boxes

The list box has long been one of the most useful GUI elements for easily viewing and selecting linear and tabular data.


Form Widgets

An entire library of predefined compound objects is included for use in your interfaces.

These include search bars, time pickers, date pickers, barber poles and more.


Language Switching

How do I switch languages dynamically?

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Six "How Do I?" example applications on creating various interface elements.

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