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Contact List Box

This application shows you how to use the List Box object with and without programming.

The List Box object replaces grouped arrays on your forms.


You can enter data directly into a cell, display alternate colors for rows, resize and sort columns, and much more.


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4D SOAP Server

When launched, this application provides a SOAP service that lets you find out the distance between two cities.

The "4D SOAP Client" example application allows you to test the operation of this service.


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4D SOAP Client

This SOAP client queries the "4D SOAP Server" application, which must be launched before hand using another 4D application.

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4D Static Web Builder

This example shows how to publish a relational database on the Web both statically and dynamically.


It also shows how to transfer via FTP the generated static web site using the 4D Internet Commands plug-in. Additional information is provided when running the demo.


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4D Passwords (User Management)

This example shows how to manage users by programming.

It allows you to:


- save and restore users and their passwords (encrypted)
- use a customized connection dialog box
- remove or create new users
- create additional information for a user (icon, visibility, etc.)


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Integrated, Native SQL

One of the major features of 4D v11 SQL is its integrated, native SQL language.

The 4D v11 SQL language allows you to connect directly to an ODBC data source and to execute SQL queries inside  "Begin SQL" and "End SQL" tags (and via the new 4D command: QUERY BY SQL).

This database shows how to carry out queries with the 4D language as well as with SQL.

Specific examples show both languages in parallel in order to compare them easily and to highlight their respective advantages. Comments and explanations are provided during the execution of these queries.

Stock Stalker

Stock Stalker is a simple application that tracks your selected stocks.

A Web Area form object displays current graphs of your stocks' performance as retrieved from the internet, with options for update interval, zoom level, date range, and more. (Many thanks to 4D developer Tom Dillon for this contribution.)


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SVG Goodies

This example demonstrates various uses of 4D SVG, from simple text formatting to advanced functions like creating images with reflections and even animation.

Requires 4D v11 SQL Release 3 or above.

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Terra Server

A mapping application that displays the integration of 4D with .NET applications.


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QuickTime SMIL

Learn how to create SMIL presentations from this demo by using SAX XML parsing and creation commands.


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