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Image Masks

How to build sophisticated, graphical applications using image masks in 4D.


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FTP Client

This example application is a working FTP Client that can be used to connect to any FTP Server.

The FTP connection between 4D and an FTP Server is done through the FTP commands that are provided through the 4D Internet Commands.


Keynote Template

Integration with Apple's Keynote presentation software. Includes a component and object library that users can drop into existing applications.

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4D Objects

This example demonstrates almost all of 4D's interface objects (variables, buttons, hierarchical lists, fields, checkboxes, etc).


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Catalog Tool

This example demonstrates a way to keep track of your backups.

In reality, you can use it to catalog any volume; but it was originally designed to catalog backup CDs.


SVG Analog Clock

This demo uses a simple SVG file of an analog clock, animating the hour, minute and second hands based upon your system clock.

Requires 4D v11 SQL Release 3 or above.

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4D Indexes

This example shows the possibilities of using indexes in 4D v11 SQL.

4D v11 SQL's index types include:


- BTree index for non-repeated values (IDs, names, etc.)
- cluster index for repeated values (Booleans, titles (M., Ms., etc.))
- composite index for sorting (FirstName+LastName, City+ZipCode, State+City, etc.)
- keyword indexes for texts


This also covers indexes created stored in a separate file.


To demonstrate their efficiency, this example explains how to choose the correct index type.

iCal and Address Book

Demonstrates integration between 4D, iCal and Address Book.

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Keynote Real Estate

Integration with Apple's Keynote presentation software.


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User Modifiable Forms

Demonstrates the use of editable forms.

This example covers the commands EDIT FORM, CREATE USER FORM and DELETE USER FORM, as well as Editable Form preferences in the property list.