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64-bit Support

4D Server v12 supports 64-bit Windows operating systems.

The main benefit of 64-bit technology is improvement in overall performance by being able to address more RAM (up to the physical limit imposed by hardware limitations – but theoretically unlimited), handle larger data files (several gigabytes) and numerous simultaneous clients and/or processes.

On the client side, any machine running 4D v12 (Mac OS or Windows) can connect to 4D Server v12 64-bit



The 4D SVG component is installed with 4D v12, so that all your solutions can take advantage of its advanced graphic capabilities.

The component provides commands to meet your most frequent graphical needs, giving you access to parameters that will let you create your own SVG graphics, or modify existing SVG files from other sources.


It includes an SVG Viewer that will let you view your SVG files both as an image and as the XML source code. A separate Syntax Palette lists all of the component's commands - logically grouped by theme - which can be dragged and dropped into your 4D methods, along with all of their parameters.


Session Management Controls

Intelligently manage sessions, time-out, login, logout, etc.

JavaScript Event Callbacks

4D Ajax Framework can take advantage of JavaScript callbacks for more powerful programming.

Live Data

View live data, directly from your database, in your Web application.

Live Scrolling

Data loads as you scroll through it, eliminating long load times.

Tabbed Interfaces

Quickly generate tabbed interfaces with a native look-and-feel.

Input and Output Forms

Easily generate input and output forms for your Web application, based on your desktop app.

Automatic Image Handling

4D Ajax Framework will automatically handle, place and size your images from multiple formats.

Skinnable Interface

Re-skin your Web application interfaces with CSS or with pre-existing templates.