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Web Services Server

4D has one-click integration with Web Services, making it easy to take advantage of the Web's openness in a 4D application.

Web Services Wizard

For developers new to Web Services, this wizard sets them up for you.

Web Services

4D offers easy consumption and publication of Web Services

Web Services allow an application to call another application using standard protocols such as SOAP and WSDL, independent of the platform or language used.


Since 4D Web Services are written to support Internet standards, they allow 4D developers to build applications that communicate across a local network as well as over the Web.


4D can act as a Web services client, a Web services server, or both.


A cross-platform compiler. Compiled code runs faster and is more secure.

Form Wizard

Lets you generate user-friendly dialog boxes to display your data.

Integrated Backup

Run backups of your data, as well as a tool to restore data from an archive. All the parameters can be set programmatically to fully automate the backup system.

Compiled Components

Build code libraries or applications and make them reusable and integrable into other developments by simple drag and drop. Compiling the component makes it faster and lets you protect your source code.

4D Interpreted Desktop

4D Interpreted Desktop lets you deploy stand-alone, single user interpreted 4D applications on an unlimited number of machines.

“Interpreted” is similar to “compiled” in that 4D software is embedded in your application, so your users won’t need a copy of 4D on their computer to run the application. But unlike compiled applications, the source code is not protected from view. If you want to distribute compiled applications, you will need to upgrade to 4D Developer Professional.


Included in 4D Interpreted Desktop

• SQL database engine

• Interpreted application support

4D Unlimited Desktop

4D Unlimited Desktop lets you deploy stand-alone single user compiled or interpreted 4D applications on an unlimited number of machines.

4D Unlimited Desktop allows you to deploy compiled versions of your 4D applications to users. Your users will not need a copy of 4D on their computer to run these applications. Deployment licenses for office productivity applications 4D Write and 4D View are also included in 4D Unlimited Desktop.


Included in 4D Unlimited Desktop

• SQL database engine

• Supports both compiled and interpreted applications

Find and Replace

Take advantage of this powerful application-wide search and replace tool. You can automatically rename or prefix variables, project methods and forms.


Truly Global Tools
Up through 4D 2004 you had to use 4D Insider to perform an application-wide search and replace. That’s changed as of 4D v11 SQL. Our new search and replace tools are truly global in scope.

More Searching Power

We’ve significantly expanded the ways you can run your searches, including:


• Multi-criteria search: you can set up to 3 criteria (object type, object name, modification date)