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Discover SVG Goodies for 4D v12

SVG Goodies is a 4D v12 example application that illustrates the power of using SVG inside 4D. You can run the app to see how the methods work, then use the methods in your own projects simply by dropping SVG Goodies in the Components folder near your structure (you can also copy/paste the methods into your own code). It’s totally open and free!


SVG Goodies contains useful utilities that will let you:

  • Rotate an image at any angle (svg_Rotate_picture)
  • Add a reflection below an image (svg_Picture_add_reflection),
  • Draw a graphical definition of a structure (svg_DrawStructure)
  • Dynamically modify an SVG image based on data, using loops and conditions (svg_Append_data_tag, svg_LOOP, svg_IF, and svg_PROCESS_DATA_TAG)


SVG Goodies can be downloaded from the example applications section of the Web site.


The following video uses svg_Picture_add_reflection to show you how you can – in less than 30 seconds – dramatically enhance your interface when displaying pictures.