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Every major new version of 4D brings with it some new features. Whether major or minor, what is immediately interesting for a developer does not necessarily have the same importance to another. And vice versa, when you think about it.


I readily admit that this is stating the obvious. On the other hand, this is my place to write such things, even when they’re obvious.

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While a program is running, we often need to access to some types of object properties. For example, we can dynamically move and resize an object, change it to bold or italic, or modify the title of a button...

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A powerful, application-wide search and replace tool lets you find any item in the development environment. Your search can be as broad (any object, text, “contains” a string, etc.) or as restrictive (search for a specific constant using the full name) as you want, with results easy to view, organize and manipulate.

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SVG Goodies is a 4D v12 example application that illustrates the power of using SVG inside 4D. You can run the app to see how the methods work, then use the methods in your own projects simply by dropping SVG Goodies in the Components folder near your structure (you can also copy/paste the methods into your own code). It’s totally open and free!

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