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4D is pleased to announce the availability of 4D v11 SQL Release 8 Hotfix 3.

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Whether you’re a 4D developer, a PHP developer, or create tools in C / C++, there’s something for you in PDO_4D, which bridges powerful 4D databases with the ubiquity of PHP.


Started as an open source experiment during the development of 4D v11 SQL, PDO_4D is a driver that implements the PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface to enable access from PHP to 4D databases.

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4D has announced the availability of 4D v12.1 Hotfix 3.

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4D has announced the availability of 4D v12.1 Hotfix 2.

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Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce that 4D documentation is now available in PDF format. You can download PDF versions from the Doc Center homepage or directly on our FTP site.

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Apple is launching its Mac App Store this week, and it promises to do for Mac desktop applications what the iTunes App Store has done for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. 4D is pleased to announce that you may begin submitting your own 4D applications for distribution via the Mac App Store.

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4D is pleased to announce the availability of Hotfix 1 for 4D v12.1, as well as Hotfix 2 for 4D v11 SQL Release 8.

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Last week, 4D developers from the Netherlands gathered for the Dutch Devcon, hosted in... Paris! Well, more precisely in Clichy, at our office. 4D and Inventive (our Dutch distributor) organized the trip for developers.

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A new flavor of 4D Server has shipped with version 4D v12.1: 4D Server v12 64-bit for Windows. Able to allocate more than 4 GB of RAM (the limit for 32-bit applications), 4D Server is more scalable (that is, “able to support the required quality of service as the system load increases” - per Wiktionnary). It supports more simultaneous connections, allocates a much bigger cache, and can handle more pictures, BLOBs, etc.

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You know 4D Pop.


Today, we will talk about a new 4D Pop module, shipped with 4D v12.1: KeepIt.


Please note the first sentence has no question mark: “You know 4D Pop – period”. This is on purpose: All 4D developers know what 4D Pop is. I am aware that writing this could be inappropriate: If a reader does not know 4D Pop, he/she could then feel a bit uncomfortable. But this can’t happen: All 4D developers know what 4D Pop is. QED.

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