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4D Mobile update & Hotfix releases for 4D v13 and 4D v14 available

by 4D Team

4D Mobile users: A major update to Wakanda introduces some new features and improvements for your 4D Mobile applications.


They include:

  • Fixes and performance updates for Wakanda Server & 4D Connector Pro
  • Updates to Wakanda Studio
  • A new Object data type
  • JSON data import/export
  • The ability to generate an AngularJS application
  • And much more…


To update your 4D Mobile applications, download Wakanda 10 Enterprise today.

4D Partners can now download 4D v14.3 Hotfix 3 and 4D v13.5 Hotfix 4. These versions are ready for production.


For full details on the latest hotfix releases, please visit the 4D Forum:


Hotfixes are available exclusively to 4D Partners. Learn more about the 4D Partner program.

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