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4D announces 4D v14 R2, and its shift to a continuous delivery program

by 4D Team

In its constant approach to enhance quality and provide additional features to its user base, 4D has implemented major changes in its development process. These changes will allow a significantly faster product cycle, with the simultaneous benefit of further improvements to quality.


What are we changing in the release cycle?

Instead of developing and distributing major releases with a large set of features every 18-24 months (as is usually done for large software projects), we will split the feature set into smaller parts and release 3-4 new versions each year.


Product cycle

Each set of features will be published as a new release version, such as 4D v14 R2, 4D v14 R3, and so on. Several releases later, once we have reached the complete feature set for the next major build, the last of the series will be published as 4D v15.


Release R cycle


Who can use the Release R?
The 4D Maintenance program (as well as licenses included under the 4D Partner program) grants free access to these versions, allowing subscribers to benefit from new features, even between major releases. For customers without Maintenance, 4D will continue to provide minor bug fix releases as in the past. New features can be accessed by purchasing an upgrade as soon the next major release is available.


What is the benefit?
As we release only a small number of new features at a time, we can focus our efforts – primarily testing – on this reduced set, thus improving stability. Having several versions released over the course of a year also allows us to address customer feature requests on a regular basis. We can also start working in an iterative way so that we can fine-tune features as we are getting customer feedback about the previous version.


When is the first release in this new model?

The very first version of our new release cycle, 4D v14 R2, includes only a smaller set of new features because we mainly focused on refining our new release processes. This release will enhance the functionality of commands such as FORM GET PROPERTIES and FORM GET OBJECTS, adding new commands like WEB Is server running, an enhanced TRANSFORM PICTURE to support transparency, improved security settings for Web Area, as well as enhancing ODBC driver support for MS SQL Server, especially for the DTS import/export wizard. Subsequent releases will contain much more.


Future “R” releases will include, in addition to new commands and functionalities, major changes, such as a 64-bit version of 4D Server for Mac OS X, support for gigabytes of cache usage, or the first appearance of a totally new 4D Write…

Available today! 

4D v14 R2 is available for beta test starting today for Silver and Gold Partners through the usual beta channel. General availability is expected for May 2014, when 4D Partners and those under Maintenance can access the final R2 release via the 4D Store.

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