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New version of 4D is Packed with the Latest Web Technology

by 4D Team

4D has announced that it is shipping 4D v13, a new version of its development and database platform - a complete, integrated environment for desktop & client/server business applications. With over 10,000 ISVs counting millions of end users around the world, numerous developers and users can start benefiting from 4D’s latest technologies starting today.


“4D v13 is a powerful platform for developing data-centric client-server applications for business,” said Laurent Ribardière, Chief Technology Officer at 4D. “It increases developer productivity, integrates with complex enterprise environments and delivers rich and interactive experiences for users. This new version includes many new data visualization tools for a richer customer experience and the latest technology and standards to facilitate the Web-enablement of existing applications.”


As the business application ecosystem evolves, so must the tools used to create and deliver solutions to users. Rich data, Web technologies and deployment across a wide variety of platforms and locations are becoming increasingly important, while traditional desktop and client-server solutions continue to be critical to business.

Highlights of the new version:


  • Multi-threaded Web server, process architecture, and 4D remote Web serving for faster and highly scalable Web applications
  • Integrated-cross platform Web renderer for faster, consistent performance across multiple environments
  • Data visualization and interaction commands and features to enrich applications
  • Introspection tools to give developers more accurate control over their own code


With dozens of new features that address the latest technologies, 4D v13 is designed to make application development better: Both in terms of the features and functionalities developers can bring to end-users, and for the daily task of writing and maintaining code.


“We are looking forward to taking advantage of the new 4D v13 technologies,” said Jeffrey Kain, Executive Vice President of Orchard Software Corp. “The new Webkit integration guarantees HTML compatibility across platforms and extends support to third party JavaScript libraries and frameworks, so we can keep enriching our end-user experience. And the new process control model will deliver greater scalability to our customers.”


“4D has proved to be a very successful platform to develop business applications such as CRM, financial and other data-centric applications,” said Tom Miller, General Manager at 4D Inc. “It is a leading platform for departmental and enterprise applications within the healthcare industry, as well as government agencies where data accuracy is of the ultimate importance.”


“Developers who have waited for 4D v13 will not be disappointed,” said Stephen Orth, VP of Development at The Aquila Group, Inc. “With this release, 4D has dramatically improved the developer experience. There are plenty of new features that end-users will appreciate and the changes made at the developer level are the most appealing.”


Available now, with a free trial

The new 4D v13 is available today as a free trial version at


4D v13 is available for Mac OS X 10.6.8 or above, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3 or above, with 1GB RAM (2GB recommended).



Free webinar

“Introduction to 4D v13 New Features,” a quick introduction to 4D v13’s new features, highlights some of the new features with a product demo, followed with a 15-minute Q&A session. You may view a recorded version of the webinar at:

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