4D 2004


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Deploy your compiled 4D applications to cross-platform users, and enjoy the peace of mind of a robust, zero-administration server.


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4D Server Runtime is the cross-platform data and application server for 4th Dimension. Any compiled 4D single-user application scales easily to a workgroup client/server solution using 4D Server Runtime.

This version of 4D Server is for deployment of compiled 4D databases only:

  • 4D Server Runtime only serves compiled structures.
  • No access to the design environment is provided.
  • 4D Server Runtime can open existing data files, as well as create new ones, but cannot create new structures.


Expansion packs can be purchased to add additional client connections as required.


For a full description of 4D Server's capabilities please read about 4D Server Standard Edition.


What’s Included

  • License for 2 concurrent users, on either Mac OS or Windows
  • Integrated database engine
  • Integrated Client/Server architecture
  • Web services client
  • Backup, mirroring and maitenance utilities


Available Options 


For What & Whom

4D Server Runtime is designed to let developers deploy professional, compiled, client/server and rich Internet applications (RIAs) that require a low level of intervention on-site, like vertical applications. It provides a fully integrated architecture in which both client and server use a single 4D application. 4D Server frees developers from the need to design separate front-end and back-end applications. You’ll get:

  • Integrated Client/Server management
  • A true zero-administration server
  • Many options to communicate with other systems and data sources through standard technologies


Migrating to 4D v11 SQL

Although there is no direct correspondance for 4D Server Runtime in the 4D v1 SQL product line, you can upgrade your application to 4D Server v11 SQL perfectly, and benefit from the new features of the latest version, all with the same ease of use: a native SQL Engine, Maintenance and Security Center, powerful new commands, and much more. As a client/server user you will especially appreciate the power and extended scalability of the latest version, specific improvements in client/server communication, and the brand new "Execute on Server" method property. Also, many features are now available on the client-side like the server administration window. 4D Server v11 SQL is now the sole multi-user offer in the 4D v11 SQL product line, and is able to open compiled or interpreted applications.