4D 2004


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4D Runtime Interpreted lets you immediately deploy – without any additional cost – your interpreted applications to an unlimited number of users.












Free of charge

4D Runtime Interpreted's use is allowed for each development product in 4D 2004 and is used to open a 4D intepreted database in Application and User modes only, i.e without access to the structure and programming.


However we recommend you use 4D's integrated password scheme in your application in order to get protection for your code. (Otherwise, your database may be reopened with a more powerful license, giving acces to the structure.)


What's included

  • 4D Database Engine
  • Runs interpreted applications only. (To run compiled applications, see 4D Runtime Single User.)
  • 4D Runtime Interpreted must be delivered to each end user with your interpreted database. (To merge your 4D application with your database, see 4D Runtime Volume License.)
  • Commercial plug-ins (like 4D Write, 4D View) can't be linked to 4D Runtime Intepreted, and will run in demo mode.


For What & Whom

4D Runtime Intepreted is the most affordable way to deploy as it costs... nothing. It integrates all the power of 4D Engine and gives you all the flexibility of a cross-platform deployment. (You can freely distribute your application on both Windows and Mac systems). Its only limitation is that compiled applications cannot be opened with this product. If you see you need more execution speed for your apps, or the simple password protection becomes insufficient for your security scheme, consider the other available Runtime licenses that handle compiled code.


Migrating to 4D v11 SQL

4D Runtime Interpreted 2004 is named 4D Interpreted Desktop in the v11 SQL Product line, and is still freely available with our various offers. The only difference is that there is no longer a specific executable to handle this feature. The 4D application itself, used without any license number, is running as an Intepreted Desktop.