4D 2004


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Web Services can be consumed or published, and the ability to consume Web Services comes as a standard feature in 4D. This additional license is necessary to publish Web Services.



Your 4D application can publish Web Services in either DOC or RPC style, with just a single click. In addition, you get programmatically controllable security features and automatic WSDL (Web Services Definition Language) publication.

The 4D Web Services Server license comes in 3 flavors depending on your choice of architecture:

  • 4D Web Services Server for deployment with standalone products (4D Runtime Single User, 4th Dimension Standard Edition)
  • 4D Server Web Services Server for deployment on 4D Server (any Edition)
  • or 4D Client Web Services Server for deployment on 4D Client.


Licensing note

If you are interested in serving Web Sites or Web Applications at the same time you offer a Web Services with your 4D application, you should purchase the 4D Web Server + 4D Web Services Server Expansion bundle for any of the three configurations listed above.

Migrating to 4D v11 SQL

Both Web Services Server license for 4D Server or for 4D Client can be easily upgraded to 4D Web Services Expansion v11 SQL. If you are running a standalone product for your Web Services Server, you can take advantage of the new 4D Web Application Server v11 SQL and the 4D Web Services Expansion option, with new licensing schemes and new pricing to make your Web Services on the 4D platform even more affordable.