4D 2004


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Add graphics functionality to your 4D application with this object-oriented and dynamic drawing tool


Easily create network diagrams, floor plans, technical illustrations, engineering documents, architectural blueprints, and more. Your 4D Draw documents can use data from 4D records and update themselves as the data changes.



  • Support For Standard Graphic Functions: Rulers, scales, grids and text, lines, rectangles, ovals, arcs, polygons and freehand objects
  • Multiple documents open simultaneously
  • Object attributes
  • Drawing attributes can be bound to database fields
  • Fields, variables and methods can be inserted in documents
  • Cross-platform document support for Mac OS and Windows
  • Able to open MacPaint, PICT and EPSF documents


Deployment Expansions

4D Draw can be linked as an expansion to the following products:

  • 4th Dimension Standard Edition
  • 4D Runtime Single user
  • 4D Runtime Volume License Sponsored
  • 4D Runtime Volume License Professional
  • 4D Server Standard Edition (available in 1-, 5- and 10-user packs)
  • 4D Server Developer Edition (available in 1-, 5- and 10-user packs)
  • 4D Server Runtime (available in 1-, 5- and 10-user packs)


NOTE: The 4D Draw plug-in is included with 4th Dimension Developer Edition, 4D Server Developer Edition (2 connections). A dedicated license is not required for use.


Migrating to 4D v11 SQL

The technical foundations of the 4D Draw plug-in, as currently used in your applications, are no longer compatible with future standards and operating systems (i.e. the phasing out of QuickDraw™), nor those of 4D (i.e. a move away from the Altura™ libraries).


Standards like SVG – with an XML-based language for vector graphics – provide for the same services and more than 4D Draw, with well-developed rendering capabilities and tight control through programming. 4D v11 SQL is fully compatible with SVG, already able to display any vector object. The 4D SVG free component brings all the facility of 4D programming to the handling of SVG code.


This being said, with regards to the migration of your applications to 4D v11 SQL, 4D Draw is still perfectly functional. (NOTE: Intel-based Macintosh machines require 4D to be run under Rosetta to use 4D Draw.)

If you have a license for 4D Draw 2004, you can obtain a free license to maintain compatibility with 4D v11 SQL. To get the update, please login at: http://register.hub.4d.fr/4DDraw_v11_Upgrade.