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Documentation Update Release Note

by Doc Team

To make it even easier to keep up with what’s new in 4D documentation, these release notes point out the latest corrections and changes in the online documentation that you may have missed. They highlight updated information that is not covered by our regular upgrade manuals.
The edits included are sometimes due to documentation errors (rare as they may be), or are just to provide additional details that were missing. 


4D Language Reference manual

Print margin commands

The SET PRINTABLE MARGIN and GET PRINTABLE MARGIN commands used to manage printing margins now indicate that they also apply to PRINT SELECTION and PRINT RECORD commands (in addition to the Print form command).

User forms

None of the commands in User Forms are supported on the server. (This information was previously missing in the documentation).

SSL Protocol

In the Using SSL Protocol section, we added a note in the How to get a certificate? section indicating that the certificate does not support CR-only line-ending characters. (Instead you must use LF or CRLF).


We modified the description of the CHANGE LICENSES command to specify that only a Designer or Administrator can execute it.


We added a note in the Description of ARRAY TO SELECTION specifying that since it is able to create new records, this command does not take a table’s read-only state into account.

Arrays and Form Objects 

In the Arrays and Form Objects section, we added a point to the note specifying that the selected element of an array is stored internally in a Integer type variable. Because of this, it cannot be used with  arrays containing more than 32,767 elements.

Drag and Drop

In the Automatic Drag and Drop section of Drag and Drop, we added edits regarding the use of the Option key on OS X:

  • In the first Note, we specify that you need to hit the Option key after you begin to drag items (to copy, but not move, the data).
  • Then in the Automatic Drag paragraph, we explain that you need to hit the Option key before you start to drag items when you want to “force” the use of the standard drag (when automatic drag is enabled for an object). 


We corrected the Description of HTTP SET CERTIFICATES FOLDER to indicate that this command modifies the active client certificate folder for all processes (and not just the calling process as was previously indicated). We also added that an error will be generated if the folder specified in the certificatesFolder parameter does not exist. (Previously, we incorrectly stated that this folder was created automatically).

Substring command

We added a warning concerning the use of the Substring command in a multi-style context, which requires that you convert any Window end-of-line characters ('\r\n') into single ('\r') characters in order for processing to be valid.

Print object command

We fixed  the Description of the Print object command to indicate that it accepts both project and table forms loaded using FORM LOAD.

Inserting URLs and Expressions

We corrected the explanation of how selections are handled by means of the optional startSel and endSel parameters for the ST INSERT EXPRESSION and ST INSERT URL commands.

It was incorrectly stated that if you passed only startSel, all the characters were replaced; in this case, the result of the expression or the url are inserted.


4D Internet Commands manual


We added a note to version 14 explaining that you no longer have to use SMTP_AddHeader to modify the “Content-type” header when you want to send HTML messages. The “Content-type” is now automatically defined as "text/html;charset=utf-8" when you declare the use of the HTML format using SMTP_Body.


4D XML Keys BuildApplication manual

DataFilePath parameter

For version v14, we modified the Description of DataFilePath to indicate that if this key is missing or invalid, 4D always displays a standard open file dialog box so that the user can indicate the data file location (instead of using the data file next to the .4db file as was the case previously).



That’s it for now! Until next time...     

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