4D 2004

Maintaining value in your investment

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As a company policy, 4D sells and supports not only its current version, 4D v11 SQL, but the previous version of the product line as well. If you’re still using 4D 2004, you get the support you expect, and the migration guidance you'll want when the time comes.


4D 2004 has entered the Sunset phase of the product lifecycle. While 4D 2004 products are still available for purchase for compatibility purposes, we highly encourage you to begin new development projects with 4D v11 SQL


There are numerous reasons to upgrade to 4D v11 SQL. See some of the best ones here.



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If you have not yet migrated your solutions to 4D v11 SQL, you can continue using 4D 2004, but it will not be available for much longer. (See product lifecycle.)


To ensure compatibility for yourself and your users, please consider the 4D Maintenance Program to aid in your future upgrades and migration.


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