4D V16


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4D Mobile Server Expansion – consisting of Wakanda Enterprise Server and the 4D Connector Pro license – bridges your 4D solution to the world of tablets, smartphones and Web apps by transparently and smartly connecting Wakanda-hosted Web applications to a 4D Server back-end.

4D Mobile Server Expansion enhances Wakanda's already impressive capabilities by giving your Web apps easy access to tables, records and business logic on your 4D Server in a fully transparent fashion. Your 4D data is treated exactly like local Web application data by Wakanda.


Furthermore, you can use Wakanda's optional cloud hosting functionality to put your 4D Mobile application on the cloud!

It is free to develop with 4D Mobile with a 4D development product (see more).


What’s Included

  • Wakanda Enterprise Server
  • 4D Connector Pro license
  • Two 4D Mobile Client sessions


How to Deploy

In your 4D application, simply activate the preference to use the 4D Mobile service.


Install and run Wakanda Enterprise Server, and bind your Mobile application to 4D Server with a single line of code.


Licensing & Pricing

Server license

4D Mobile Server deployment: 4D Mobile Server Expansion is purchased as an expansion linked to 4D Server, allowing Wakanda Enterprise Server-hosted apps connect to 4D Server's integrated 4D Mobile server. 


4D Mobile Server Expansion includes one year of Maintenance (renewable each year – further renewals are optional), which covers all updates to Wakanda Server Enterprise during the enrollment period. 4D Mobile Server Expansion licenses purchased for any 4D Server under Maintenance must also be enrolled in Maintenace for the same period.


A 4D Mobile Server Expansion license that has lapsed is still valid for deployment for the lifetime of the application. Re-subscription for an expired license requires a new purchase of 4D Mobile Server Expansion.


4D Mobile Client sessions

Each user session interacting with your application on 4D Server consumes a 4D Mobile Client session, managed by 4D Connector Pro. A single 4D Mobile Client session can be used for sucessive connections from the same user on different terminals, whether it's a desktop Web browser at the office, their smartphone on-the-go, and then their tablet at home.However, if you need additional connections, you may add them with 4D Mobile Client expansion packs.