4D V16


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Accept unlimited connections to your 4D application's built-in HTTP server

4D Web applications can be created using 4D’s extremely flexible and extensive built-in capabilities.


The 4D Web Application Expansion license allows unlimited connections to your 4D application’s built-in HTTP server. It can be linked either to 4D Server or to the client-side application (i.e the 4D Client license). This allows you to launch your Web server on a distinct machine, typically in a DMZ, or to execute a number of different Web applications linked to the same database. However, you must choose your option when you purchase your license, as the feature activation process is not the same between 4D Server and 4D Client.


The 4D Web Application Expansion is also available as an option for 4D OEM Desktop.

This expansion is included with 4D Developer Professional and 4D Team Developer Professional for development and testing purposes.