Developing your 4D app is as easy as 1-2-3!

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(And sometimes 4...) Design a full-featured interface, write powerful code, and integrate numerous technological standards to build a complete and functional application in just a few steps.

Design Environment

Visually design your application. 4D’s full-featured development environment lets you logically build your app from start to finish, from structure to user interface.


Develop intuitively


Whether you prefer SQL or 4D’s own intuitive language; develop in English or French; have an interface in German or Japanese... 4D speaks your language.


Learn about 4D and other languages

Open Standards

SQL is just the start. 4D incorporates a multitude of standards, so you can work with existing technologies you’re already using and take advantage of the latest trends.





A world of standards

Enhancing Your App

After you've built your solution, 4D can elevate your application to bring it all sorts of functionality, and expand to multiple platforms like the Web, Rich Internet and smartphones.





Take your app everywhere