Extend Your 4D Solution to the Web and Beyond

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What if you could have a tablet, smartphone and desktop Web browser of your 4D solution with minimal effort? YES you can, thanks to 4D Mobile, which will put your application right in your users' hands.

For years, you've had the ability to host Web pages directly from 4D. With 4D Mobile, you can now extend your 4D solution into a full-featured Web application carrying all of your data and business logic logic to tablets, smartphones or any Web browsers.


4D Mobile is a bundle that includes Wakanda Enterprise Studio, Wakanda Enterprise Server and 4D Connector Pro, the bridge between Wakanda and your 4D application. 


Wakanda Studio is a powerful graphical editor very similar to the one 4D developers know in 4D. If you've manipulated structures and forms in 4D, then you know how to do it in Wakanda Studio.



4D Mobile enhances Wakanda's already impressive capabilities by giving you easy access to tables and their records on your 4D Server in a fully transparent fashion, treated exactly like local Wakanda Web application data.


Developers can create Web and mobile apps simply by dragging and dropping objects onto a form that lives on a Web page. An extensive library of events helps customize application behavior.


Thanks to 4D Connector Pro, binding between Wakanda and 4D is automatic, synchronizing user actions in the Web app with 4D Server's back end, ensuring that the same selections, records, and transactions are handled in the same order on 4D as they are on the Wakanda Web app. Even records that are locked in 4D are reported as locked in Wakanda. With binding so deep, a 4D developer can assign existing 4D methods for handling business logic to Wakanda interface widgets so that they can be automatically called when an event is detected.


This reuse of your 4D code guarantees that your existing business rules – for example calculating discounts in a sales app – are automatically called without being rewritten.


Developing with 4D Mobile on 4D Developer Professional or 4D Team Developer Professional is free, and 4D Mobile is available as a paid expansion for deployment with 4D Server including one year of maintenance. Being on a very rapid, constant release cycle, this ensures that your version of Wakanda is always up-to-date. As a bonus for 4D developers, 4D Mobile's license for Wakanda Enterprise is perpetual – even if you unsubscribe from Maintenance, you may continue using it.


Learn more about deployment with 4D Mobile Server Expansion.