Doing Good on a Budget

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Teaching future generations. Helping the less fortunate. Making an impact on the world. These are the most noble of aspirations. They’re also the least lucrative.

But just like any enterprise, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations need solutions to help drive them toward their goals.  4D recognises the need for education, philanthropy, and – in general – doing good for the world around us.  


That’s why we offer special pricing for students, administrators, and departments in the education field, and organisations in the non-profit/non-governmental sector.  We’ll work with you to find a solution – and a lower price – tailored to your organization’s needs.


Whether you want to use 4D to teach or learn about software development and engineering, or use it to implement solutions to run day-to-day business, we’re ready to help you help others.


Direct benefits for academic and institutional users

  • Create prototypes of your computer science or data modeling applications easily.
  • Effortless distribution and updates throughout your organisation.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: It doesn't matter if you're Windows- or Mac-based or both.
  • Platform-independent client/server deployment: No expensive, dedicated server OS necessary.
  • 4D's own high-level language is not only powerful, but easy to learn – and to teach!