You're an ISV or an OEM

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Whether you’re an established or aspiring Independent Software Vendor or OEM, 4D offers the solutions you need to expand your software and service enterprise.

Recognising the special needs of developers who resell solutions to third parties, we have special programs for our OEM partners to address vertical market sales, licensing, and support issues.


Because of the variety of types of solutions you may deploy – be they standalone, client-server, web-based, or a combination thereof – we offer a variety of reasonably priced licensing and customisation options tailored precisely to your needs.  We even help you plan out your resources and updates over the long-term with our Maintenance program.


Direct benefits for ISVs and OEMs

  • No-hassle deployment and maintenance: Grow your user base without investing additional time and resources.
  • Double-click and drag-and-drop installation: No installers or hidden files, making things easier for your users.
  • Create native standalone, client-server and web applications for multiple platforms from a single project.
  • Functional user inerfaces empower your end users, with included form editor, report and chart builder, word processing and spreadsheet functions, etc.
  • Easy application updates in a matter of seconds: Remotely, with data model changes, or even gigabytes of data affected.