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4D Pop Collection

4D Pop is a series of productivity components grouped into a toolbar that integrates perfectly with the 4D development environment. Filled with clever tools and immediately useful for developers, 4D Pop has many advantages.

4D Pop

A Mind for Productivity

Every 4D Pop component is a handy little nugget you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Created by 4D developers for 4D developers, they’ll help you save precious time on repetitive operations, be the little helpers you always dreamt of having, and put an even friendlier face on your development environment.


Easy to Use

Installing a new component is easy: Just drag and drop on to the 4D Pop toolbar! Each comes with its own online help.



You can compose your 4D Pop palette à la carte with the tools you prefer, without overloading your screen. And when you’re ready to deploy, you can eliminate all the 4D Pop elements from your app to ensure its light weight.



4D Pop and its components are free to use and distribute in all 4D development environments.


Source Code Provided

Like all 4D components, 4D Pop tools are miniature 4D databases delivered to you compiled for your immediate use, but also in interpreted mode, so that you can explore the source code. You may wonder how rules are created in 4D Pop Ruler, for example, or how 4D Commands manages predictive typing, or how to manage a palette, a help file or to create a component. It’s all there in the code. 4D Pop’s code is also a very good example of the art of programming efficiently in 4D… even if we do say so ourselves!


All 4D Pop components, although fully installed with 4D, are now available for separate download on 4D's open source server, This repository provides you with the latest versions of 4D Pop components, including beta and pre-release versions with fixes and new features. The sources are available under the X11 (MIT) license.



You can enhance 4D Pop with your own components, and you are also able to share them, and find others in the 4D developer community.



4D Pop components are provided "as is," without any guarantees, express or implied.

4D does not provide any guarantee for the use, functionality, or performance of these components. As such, 4D cannot guarantee that these components do not contain any errors or bugs, that they behave as expected, nor that their operation will continue uninterrupted.

The choice, installation, and use of a 4D Pop component is the sole responsibility of its user, who should take the necessary measures to protect their data.

4D is not obligated to provide maintenance or technical support for 4D Pop components.

As such, 4D cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, incidents, or consequences to which the user of a component is subjected, even when 4D could have prevented the probability of said damage.




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