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Application Builder

The builder walks you through all the steps to finalise your application and bundle it up for deployment. Entirely script-driven, this tool can also be automated for greater productivity.

Build and distribute
The application builder is the most important tool for developers who distribute customized business applications.


Application Builder

Configure and customize
After configuring and saving the different settings that customize the application (application type, customer logo, destination of the generated application, etc.), you will be able to apply all settings to your application at any time. Plus, our contextual help system keeps you informed about the results of your choices.

Set parameters and keep control
4D's multi-project architecture allows you to generate several applications in a single action using just a click of the mouse. This lets you provide a unique version of a single development to distinct customers.

Because your customers don’t all have the same needs, you can parametrize the options you want to include (or not) when distributing. For example, you can turn on word processing for some customers, and leave it out for others.

All settings of the application builder are stored in XML files, which means that you have full, replicable control over the entire process.

Ready-to-use components
As of 4D v11 SQL, the new components architecture makes component distribution easy. The application builder makes sure that all elements necessary for each component are gathered into one folder and included in a distribution automatically.

Automatic application updates
After updates have been made, our automated distribution process lets you push out changes across the client/server environment to each desktop without any human intervention.

The benefits are felt immediately: you spend less time updating clients and more time getting work done.



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