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Integrated Database

A powerful relational database is fully integrated into 4D.

4D provides a true enterprise-class database, with the capacity to process massive databases while keeping the same responsiveness and performance you've come to expect in 4D. We've shattered all previous database size limits to give both new and existing databases much more breathing room.

It is up to the challenge of even the most demanding projects.

Bigger Size

Our expanded capacity lets you serve ever-increasing data storage requirements without a problem.


Database Performance Chart


Better Performance

We've rewritten everything for guaranteed performance no matter how large your database.


64-bit data file access.

  • Optimized, 64-bit ready memory management
  • Read-ahead buffers generalized for data file access
  • Optimized management of large image and BLOB fields
  • Native ultra-fast Unicode character access, through removal of internal ASCII conversions.


4D  also provides specialized index types to optimize data requests:

  • Composite Index: Simultaneous indexing of values from two or more fields (for example, First Name and Last Name).
  • Keyword Index: Index every word in a text field for near-instantaneous full-text searching.
  • Cluster Index: Faster than B-Tree indexing for fields with a high percentage of redundant values.

Transaction Management
4D includes a multi-level transaction management system loaded with automatic sub-transactions.

Universal Binary Architecture

4D is 100% Universal Binary compliant. You can now take full advantage of Apple's latest Intel processors while running 4D.

Automatic Administration
4D databases in production are designed to need minimal regular maintenance, but when you do need to do database maintenance, there is a set of integrated tools to help you in the Security and Maintenance Center, as well as 4D language commands.



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