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Look deep inside your code with introspection features, gaining insight on your development.

Code introspection
The day hasn’t quite come where code can fully generate and maintain itself, but you can be confident in the integrity of your development efforts thanks to powerful new code introspection features.


Use the Global Find/Replace tool and its new features to easily find all dependencies of a method, to find callers and callees, to rename your variables, methods, etc.


Programmatically get/set the code of a method, its comments and even its attributes. And do this for all kinds of methods – project, form, object, database or trigger.


Build your own code explorer
Another means of making code easier to read is by letting you view it however you like. For instance, you can build your own code explorer, use your own custom colors, and arrange your own icons. Turn the explorer into the window you need to better view and manipulate your work, your way. It all depends on what you want to create with it.


Take advantage of your VCS
All of your code can be easily exported and imported, allowing you to use your own version control system (VCS).



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