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Maintenance & Security Center

A toolset for 4D database monitoring, maintenance, optimization, and backups. Can be run manually or automatically.

4D provides an integrated Maintenance and Security Center (MSC) that makes running and managing your databases much simpler and easier.


Database administrators (and, if you wish, users) now have access to a fully functional graphic toolset for 4D database maintenance, optimization, and backups.


Total information
The Maintenance and Security Center lets you view key information about your applications (type and version), files (structure and data) and your user license. It also provides basic information on each table of your database (name, number of records, number of fields, indexes) as well as the sizes of the files and the space available on the disk.


Structure Information


Analyze activity
This feature allows you to view operations performed on the database (creation, editing, and deletion of records) and revert to previous versions of the database if necessary; for example, to fix a user error.

Backup monitoring
You can set up and monitor automated backups, as well as restore data from a previous backup in case of emergency.

Check integrity anytime
You can use the Maintenance and Security Center to verify the physical and logical integrity of your database and all its indexes.

You can also verify the content of a selected table or just an index. This is particularly useful when working with tables that contain tens of millions of records!


Verify Data


Once the check is finished, the Maintenance and Security Center displays a full activity report in HTML.

Compact data easily and efficiently
Compacting data is a highly useful tool to increase performance and free up disk space after a data file has been significantly modified, or after deleting a large number of records, fields, or even entire tables.

Compacting data is easy, too. Simply click the “Compact records and index” button to get started. 4D takes over and stops the database, makes a backup, and compacts the data file. It also generates a report on all actions taken.

Stress-free database repair
Should a database become damaged for any reason, the built-in repair tool will fix both your data and your application. For extra security, your structure and a copy of all damaged data is saved before the repair attempt starts.

A report detailing any problems encountered is generated as the repair progresses.


Repair data



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