Wakanda's First Experience

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Conference sponsors
In good company
Christophe Keromen & Brendan Coveney
man the booth

Using historical Boston as a backdrop, 4D unveiled Wakanda at The Ajax Experience 2009.


Hosted by Ajaxian, the event is a crossroads of major players  – both corporate and individual – in the realm of Rich Internet Application development. 4D was a sponsor of the event alongside such companies as Adobe, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Yahoo.


During a keynote timeslot on Monday, Christophe Keromen and Brendan Coveney took to the stage to present the Wakanda project in public for the first time.  They talked about the objectives of 4D's latest work-in-progress, and gave live demonstrations of technological concepts like Entity Models and Server-Side JavaScript.


They were later joined by Laurent Ribardière, Laurent Esnault and several other 4D engineers at the Wakanda booth, where they answered attendees questions and gave more hands-on demonstrations.


4D's presence at this event served two main purposes:


First, we wanted to announce Wakanda to the public at large. Showing off a completely new development platform is no easy task, so we took this opportunity to use a grand stage to announce our intention: To bring the ease-of-use, rapid development, and self-contained versatility of 4D to the development of Business Internet Applications.


Secondly, we wanted to get to know the developers who would be using this new platform – get their thoughts, their feelings, and their feedback.  As a work-in-progress, Wakanda is still being formed and molded, so we thought this would be a good chance for the intended audience, Web application developers, to get in on the ground floor and let us know what they want (and often what they don't want) in the early stages of development.


The 4D delegation enjoyed themselves, learned a lot, and are looking forward to more future events with this great bunch of developers. They found that while many Web app developers may use a different language and tools than traditional 4D developers, they share a lot of common ground.

Hopefully we'll find that 4D developers and Wakanda developers-to-be will have a very fruitful future ahead of them.