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4D Announces New Wakanda Beta

by 4D Team

Unique stack of integrated technologies programmable with JavaScript provides simplified development for web and mobile app developers.

4D has announced Wakanda Beta 2, the newest beta version of its JavaScript development platform. With Wakanda, developers have a first-ever full stack JavaScript development platform for Web and mobile business applications. The new Wakanda foundation relies on best-of-breed technology – Web and mobile applications, a development studio, client framework, NoSQL database, server and model-driven architecture. Both an Open Source community and commercial version of Wakanda will be offered, and Web applications developed with Wakanda are easily deployed on the Cloud.


Wakanda can be used to develop the entire application stack with JavaScript, and its Model Driven Architecture (MDA) assures high levels of re-use and decreases in maintenance costs. Both the user interface and application data are designed with a powerful WYSIWYG designer from Wakanda Studio, and the Wakanda client framework and GUI designer leverages the full power of HTML5 and CSS3. The NoSQL object datastore natively speaks REST/HTTP and server-side JavaScript .


Wakanda’s development environment can be extended with third-party widgets, libraries and server modules. In addition, while its open source environment supports developers in adding connectors to their preferred databases. The entire Wakanda solution supports industry standards including JSON, REST/HTTP, W3C, and CommonJS.


Powerful JavaScript Programming Features
Wakanda leverages existing libraries and third party solutions on both client and server, and is cloud-ready. A complete list of individual features of Wakanda Studio, Wakanda Server and Wakanda Framework grouped by functional areas of the platform can be found at and includes touch for mobile development, pure multi-threaded JavaScript, NoSQL Object Datastore and many other new features.


Availability and Pricing
Wakanda production release will be available in June in both community and commercial versions. The community version of Wakanda will be free. Monthly subscriptions for commercial licenses and developer support will start at $35 per month for one developer and will include royalty-free, unlimited deployment rights.

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