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4D Summit Conference to Kick Off on Wednesday, October 12, in Boston

by 4D Team

4D, Inc. will kick off its annual worldwide 4D Summit conference with a keynote address on Wednesday, October 12 at 8:30 a.m. A team of 4D executives led by Luc Hollande, 4D’s CEO, will deliver the keynote. 4D Summit will offer in-depth sessions about 4D, the world’s most advanced development platform for business applications.



“This year, we will give developers an early look at the powerful new technologies that form the underpinnings of 4D,” said Hollande. “At 4D Summit, we will be giving our developers a technology preview so they can see the incredible progress we’ve made on 4D, generating the enthusiasm to work with us as we move toward its next release.”


4D technical sessions will showcase many refinements to 4D’s flagship product lines and dive deep into its new technologies, including 64-bit architecture, the Cloud, a next generation Web server, and extra rich interface features. These technical sessions will cover introductory and advanced concepts to help developers get the most out of the 4D product line.


4D Kitchen will offer attendees a unique opportunity to work side-by-side with 4D’s top engineers to solve code-level issues, gain insight into development techniques and get expert advice on database design. Developers can get one-on-one time with engineers including founder and CTO Laurent Ribardière, VP of research & development Laurent Esnault, director of quality assurance Jean Laguerre, and director of services & support Aziz Elghomari. There are a limited number of time slots available so developers must secure their 4D Kitchen reservation at time of registration.


Pre-Class day takes place on Tuesday, October 11.  A day prior to the conference, a full day pre-class with limited seating is available to 4D Summit attendees who have registered in advance. This is a day of intense training is designed to teach best development practices to avoid problems such as network disconnection, slowdowns and crashes under intense use. Instructors are all senior 4D engineers from around the world, providing the greatest concentration of 4D expertise in one place.


Other activities at 4D Summit 2011 include:

  • Many in-depth sessions on 4D v13 and 4D v12
  • Latest best practices from 4D experts
  • Share knowledge and network with other like-minded developers
  • Get face time with 4D's top engineers, including founder Laurent Ribardière
  • Learn all about the new Wakanda platform

This year’s 4D Summit is hosted at the Omni Parker House Hotel in historic Boston, Massachusetts.


Visit the 4D Summit 2011 conference Website for more information  at

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