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4D v12.5 is now available

by 4D Team

4D has announced the immediate availability of 4D v12.5, the latest version of the 4D v12 product line.


In line with 4D's goal to keep all versions up-to date with the latest hardware and operating systems, 4D v12.5 has been certified for the newly released Windows 8 from Microsoft, as well as Apple's most recent version of Mac OS, 10.8 "Mountain Lion."


In addition to increased compatibility, this update includes a number of bug fixes and increased stability for all users.


The 4D v12.5 update is available at no cost to all registered 4D v12 users. Upgrades can be downloaded here.

New customers are advised to try the latest version of 4D's flagship product line – 4D v13 –  which is available for a free, 30-day trial period.

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