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About the new 4D Partner Program

by 4D Team

We recently announced a new 4D Partner Program for 2010, entailing some changes to the pricing structure, benefits and membership compared to past iterations of the all-new program.


Expanding the Community Worldwide

One of our first goals was to harmonize the 4D Partner Program across various countries that, until now, each had their own Partner Program. We took the best features from each program and melded them into a singular program that would provide the same benefits for our Partners no matter where they reside – a truly global Partner community.


This was no easy task. We began planning two years ago, gave it a trial run in Germany over the past year, and based on the feedback received launched the program worldwide. We’re already receiving feedback on an international level, and we thank you sincerely for all the praise we’ve received since the program’s unveiling.


We feel that the new Partner Program delivers on our goal to provide developers all the tools, software and knowledge needed to develop successful, high-performance business applications. As a Partner, you have access to practically all the development and test licenses you’ll ever need, as well as an abundance of ever-growing, exclusive technical resources.


Listening to Our Partners

One of the immediate concerns raised loud and clear by the developer community is one that we were very careful to address while designing the new program: How to handle developer software that has seen its “Sunset.”


We understand that from time to time, developers are called upon to maintain older applications that haven’t yet been upgraded. It’s therefore an important benefit that Partners have access to development software no longer being sold. So we’ve made it that – for as long as you’re in the Partner Program – you will continue to receive licenses for any development and test software that was ever current during your membership.


For example, Silver Partners who join this year and continuously remain in the program will continue to receive licenses for 4D v11 SQL Developer Professional and a test license for 4D Server v11 SQL – even a few years down the road when these products are no longer sold. We feel this is a major benefit that rewards partners who stay with the program continuously.


Our Offer of Confidence

We believe that every professional 4D developer should be – and will want to be – in the Partner Program. We believe that the new program provides such valuable benefits that Partners will continuously remain in the program specifically for these benefits, and not because they feel “locked in” to the program.


But we have listened to the concerns of those evaluating the new Partner Program that, for whatever reason, developers may wish to leave, and they would subsequently lose the means to acquire “Sunset” versions of software no longer being sold.


To ease this concern, we’re happy to announce this fair and equitable solution: A developer who decides to leave the Partner Program will have the option of converting any of their Partner Development Tool licenses (for products that are no longer available for purchase) at a cost of 30% of the List Price of the current equivalent product.


In this way, developers can join the Partner Program knowing they will always have access to the Development Tools made available to them through the program, even if they subsequently decide not to renew their membership. But we feel that after experiencing the benefits of Partnership, 4D developers will want to be a part of this community for the long run.


In summary: We are extremely confident of the new 4D Partner Program, we are committed to providing the best experience possible, and as always, we are listening to our developer community’s concerns.


Best regards,
The 4D Team

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