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Exciting Times: OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

by Josh Fletcher

Welcome to my first 4D Blog post! I don't know who gave me permission to do this but they must be crazy (right Michel?!)


I'm hoping to make my 4D Blog less of a marketing outlet and more of a personal journal (as Blogs are supposed to be). Most importantly my plan is to post information relevent to 4D developers. We have a renewed mandate to foster a community amoung the 4D faithful (and maybe get a few more to join the fold!)


With that in mind...


If you were at 4D Summit 2011 you know that I'm a huge proponent of SSD's (and maybe more importantly consumer-level SSD's because of the attractive price points). I've been using OCZ drives in my personal Windows box for some time and have defintiely enjoyed the blazing performance as well as having suffered through some of headaches OCZ went through. The good news appears to be OCZ learning from its mistakes...


So I’ve been recommending that 4D developers consider SSD's for a few years now but the remaining sticking point for a lot of our customers has been reliability. SDD's have a (somewhat misguided) reputation for being unreliable.


I recently caught this story on about the OCZ Vertex 4.




The big news (besides the typical SSD-are-ridiculously-fast performance)? A 5 year warranty! Put that into perspective; it’s better than the warranty on many HDDs! Obviously it’s a new product so time will tell if the promise of a 5 year warranty delivers in actual reliability, but the situation looks good so far (OCZ has already released a firmware update that increased performance up to 200%). This is one to watch. Be sure to check out the review for more details.


The reasons I think OCZ drives are attractive are:

  1. They have the fastest performance when compared to similarly priced drives.
  2. They generally cost less than the competition.
  3. With the Vertex 4, OCZ switches from Sandforce-based controllers to Indilinx and, more importantly, from relying on a third-party for firmware updates vs. having direct ownership of the firmware.

As I said, these are exciting times for 4D developers; SSD's represent the single most important performance improvement for 4D applications right now and every 4D developer should strongly consider them.


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