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Au revoir

by Thibaud Arguillère



How do I put this?


This is a very particular blog post I'm writing today. As I'm having a bit of trouble starting, as you might guess, I'm going to be direct: So, in just a few words, I'm not going four ways, I'm going straight to the end, I will speak to you frankly, and frankly, I'm going to take a while to speak to you frankly1.


After many marvelous years spent working at/for/with 4D, I'm setting off to new horizons. And when I say that I'm setting off, it's not really a metaphor: Here I am (almost, in two or three months, rather) in New York.


New York! No kidding! It's the dream this couple has had to make real, so we're going through with it!


So I want now to say, to write, to consign, to archive for future generations that which must be said: I've had some amazing and unforgettable moments with all of you. Those whom I've seen, those with whom I've conversed in writing by chat. I've even had some great moments with those I don't know at all2.


Take the 4D AAA World Tour 2011-20123, for example. There were 14 conferences around the world. I personally did 12 of them: Boston, Paris, Brussels, London, Madrid, Stockholm, Munich, Lausanne, Biel, Tokyo, Sydney, and Montreal. And I've met over 800 different developers.




I'll write it out: EIGHT HUNDRED!


And that has always been a real pleasure. Whether it's been for technical presentations, to answer your questions, or just to talk about life over a drink, these encounters are great memories, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for these moments. 


Ok. So I just reread the last passage and I find it a bit cheesy, don't you? But I'm leaving it the way it is because that's how it came out. Just like that! And when it comes out just like that, then it's totally true. Want proof? I just shed a little tear, right there.


Thank you, then, to all of you for allowing me to live these encounters.


There are other people I want to thank. They are my 4D colleagues from around the world. I wouldn't normally do this. You've perhaps noticed that during conferences, I spend an exceptional amount of time in self-congratulation. You know, the "let's go!" "everything's great, awesome, and brilliant!" But really, for this special post, I'll just say: Thank you to everyone at 4D. I've spent some extraordinary moments with you. We've worked like mad and really had fun.


Photo montage

Speaking of having fun, that brings me to the conclusion: "Ideas come when you're having fun". It's the slogan of the Tech Museum in San Jose, where the last 4D Summit party was.  This slogan sums up perfectly what I want to express in just a few words what I think about work: It also has to be fun.


So... Have fun!




1The Francophones will undoubtedly recognize Coluche.
2You're maybe asking how I've spent unforgettable moments with people I don't know. I'll think about an appropriate and intelligent response.
3Awesome Amazing Astounding

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