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Information about 4D and Mountain Lion

by 4D Team

After a number of partial communications regarding compatibility between 4D and Mountain Lion since the release of the operating system last week, we are now able to conclude our various tests.


The result is very positive, as we have quite nearly made a direct certification of 4D v12.4 and 4D v13.1. In fact, only four issues* have been introduced by Mountain Lion, which is a very low number for an OS update. Two of them are cosmetic and the others are "Crashing Bugs" that occur under very specific conditions: Programmatically changing printers, and printing from the label and the Quick Report editors.


These bugs will of course be fixed in upcoming Hotfix versions for Partners, as well as in the next official update to the 4D v12 and v13 product lines. We'll use this opportunity to handle the problem regarding Gatekeeper, as future versions of 4D will be certified by Apple.


Another problem that affects 4D that is out of our control comes from the Apache Web server integrated in Mac OS X. If Web sharing was activated before upgrading to Mountain Lion, port 80 becomes inaccessible by 4D's Web server which cannot be launched. As the preference allowing you to stop Web sharing has disappeared in Mountain Lion to the benefit of the Server version, the only solution is to force deactivation via the terminal command sudo apachectl stop – see the following thread on the iNug:


Besides the problems above, 4D v12.4 and 4D v13.1 function satisfactorily under Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and the deployment of your 4D applications can take place without issue, using the same care as when deploying under Lion. Feel free to let us know if you have any unforeseen issues so that we can correct them as quickly as possible.


(*) Below are brief descriptions of the cited bugs:
ACI0077723 Crash after changing printers programmatically
ACI0077742 / ACI0077864 Crash when printing from the label or the Quick Report editors
ACI0077770 The command OBJECT SET ENABLE no longer greys out the concerned text when the False parameter is passed to it
ACI0077771 Problem colorizing the selection of records in List type forms

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