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New 4D v12 "Design Reference" manual

by Doc Team
4D v12 Design Reference

A major work of the 4D documentation, the “Design Reference” manual is now available in dynamic HTML format in the 4D Doc Center. Completely revised and updated for version 12.1, this manual describes the entire 4D design environment, from the Structure editor to the Application builder, including every major element such as the Form editor and the Maintenance and Security Center.


This manual now enjoys all the benefits of 4D Doc Center interactivity including advanced features like associating custom key words with topics. Also, searches throughout the 4D documentation will be enhanced by including results from this manual. For example, searching for the word “menu” will now return articles describing the Menu editor in the Design environment in addition to commands from the Menu theme of the Language Reference manual.


To access the "v12 Design Refence" now, click here.


We hope that this manual will meet your documentation needs for the 4D development workshop. Please feel free to share with us any remarks or suggestions for improvements.


The Documentation Team

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