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Oops! We spoke a little too soon!

by Doc Team

The documentation got a little ahead of itself: in the 4D addendum v12.1, we announced a reorganization of 4D HTML tags, with the arrival of the 4D TEXT and 4DHTML tags (see section Renaming 4D HTML tags).


Unfortunately, although this new feature is expected in the very near future, it was not integrated in the first public version of 4D 12.1. So don’t go around filling your Web pages with 4DTEXT and 4DHTML tags just yet, 4D won’t recognize them! We’ve added a note to the addendum to explain that these tags will actually be implemented in the next version of 4D v12, in other words 12.2 (and 12.1 Hotfix 1 for Partners).


So you will need to be patient a little while longer and please excuse us for getting a little ahead of ourselves.

The Documentation Team

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