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Tame Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper

by 4D Team

Mountain Lion has just joined the club of the most popular felines in the world, and those of you who won't wait a single minute to install Mac OS X 10.8 will discover rather quickly one of the new features of the operating system called Gatekeeper.


Gatekeeper is designed to protect users from malicious downloads and by default blocks opening executables that haven't come from the Mac App Store or that aren't signed with a certificat formally identifying the developer via Apple.


After upgrading to Mountain Lion, 4D applications already present on the disk will continue to function as normal, but for any 4D application downloaded there after, whether via online installer or DMG archive, the following alert will appear:

Mountain Lion alert

There is, however, nothing prohibitive about this alarm as the blockage by Gatekeeper can easily be worked around, by either modifying the System Preferences and authorizing downloaded applications from any source (see image below) or, if you wish to maintain the default behavior, by using a Control- or right-click when opening the application. Important: In the latter case, you only need to perform this operation once; in the future, your preference will be recalled and the application can be opened normally.

Mountain Lion security

If you download our online installer, you will need to authorize the opening of the installer itself. All 4D applications subsequently installed will be exempt from these controls.


We are going to eliminate this constraint by including different versions (for 4D and Wakanda) of the Apple certificate required by Gatekeeper in upcoming versions. The implementation isn't complex but we must, as usual, perform numerous tests to be certain of its proper functioning under 4D, in all its configurations, on Mountain Lion.


Finally, of interest to 4D developers creating executable applications with 4D Volume Desktop (known as "engined" applications): They must themselves include a certificate in their pacakge, for as long as the app isn't installed via USB key or over an enterprise network, downloading or sending an application by email will activate Gatekeeper controls. The certificate can be obtained from the Mac Dev Center for all developers with a current Apple Developer account.


None of this should prevent you from roaring with pleasure when taking advantage of all the new features in Mountain Lion.


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