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Top ten reasons to attend 4D Summit

by 4D Team

If you're still thinking about participating in the biggest 4D gathering of the year, here are a few reasons to convince you that it'll be worth the trip.

  • The Pre-class: Dive right into the depths of 4D's biggest features in this full day of intensive training.


  • The classic Keynotes and the Roadmap: Put away that crystal ball! Be among the first to hear about 4D's projects and strategies from the source! Don't rely on second-hand accounts and summaries. Hear it all.
  • The Unconference: Come to listen, learn, present your own solutions, and meet other developers, all in a relaxed atmosphere. It was so successful last year, we had to do it again!


  • The Sessions: Whether they're broad-based or highly focused, 4D Summit sessions are on the cutting edge of 4D technology. They're a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and discovery.


  • The networking! In such a relaxed and informal atmosphere, you'll find it indispensable – and easy – to cultivate real and lasting relationships, both professional and social, with developers from all over the world, and all the 4D staff who has come for the event. You'll have the pleasure of seeing each other year after year and thus feel part of a community.


  • The total immersion! The Summit is the chance to break from your usual work routine. Just like learning a new language, you can dive into the 4D universe for four days, undistracted by your usual daily tasks. You'll see an exponential progression in your 4D mastery, so it's great to bring along your newest coworkers for a little team-building as well!


  • The party! The traditional Thursday night party is always a chance to have let loose in a "mystery" location that you'll find out once you're at the Summit. Having been held at the San Francisco Giants' baseball stadium, the Gibson guitar factory, and onboard the legendary ship the Queen Mary, you may not know where it will be, but you do know it'll be a fabulous San Diego venue.


  • Where useful meets fun! Since you're heading to the West Coast, why not extend your trip for a few days and discover the Californian coast, Los Angeles, or even Mexico? That's what developers from the US and abroad do every year, discovering a new region of the United States thanks to the 4D Summit.


  • Motivate your troops! The 4D Summit is an ideal way to reward your developers and at the same time a great investment for your business. They'll come back energized, with a head full of new ideas, and motivated for what's next.


  • You undoubtedly have your own personal tenth reason to come: Give a surprise visit to that cousin in New York along the way, see an iPad G5 (hey, a prototype could be making its way around by then!), do some shopping in San Francisco, visit Hollywood, perfect your English, whatever you fancy.


If you need any more convincing, listen to testimonials from developers who participated in the last 4D Summit in this video (in English):




Don't think about it too long! Sign up in time for "Early Bird" registration, and you'll get a discounted rate saving you up to US$200! But note, this rate is only available until August 13!


By signing up early, you can also take advantage of lower airfares, and you'll still be able to receive one of the limited hotel rooms at a special price at the spectacular Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.


Sign up now!


And if you want to see more, check out all the details about 4D Summit 2010.

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