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Wakanda is here!

by 4D Team

As of today, we're introducing our baby to the public in the form of a Developer Preview release. Anyone who wants to can try Wakanda out and see what we've been putting together. Starting now, you may download Wakanda Developer Preview at and start playing with what will become a whole new platform for developing business web applications with JavaScript.


Naturally, Wakanda's not yet in its final form, and is still taking its baby steps. So we ask you to be gentle and not throw it into the workforce right away! But this is the time to be critical, pick out the faults, and make any suggestions for its future growth. You can do this by reporting any bugs you find at the Wakanda forum, where a bug tracking system is in place.


Every newborn needs a family, so we encourage you to participate in the forum and eventually in the open source community we hope to build around Wakanda as the project continues its development.


In the meantime, we invite you to download Wakanda. Read the FAQ. Check out the documentation, including overviews about Wakanda in general and about Wakanda's architecture. Try out the Quickstart tutorial (PDF) and some advanced How-Do-I examples. And soon enough, we'll hopefully be working on something special together.

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